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2011-07-28 08:53 pm
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Live Journal is dead

or something

I'm watching TVD and I can't figure out why they put Caroline with Tyler other than for the three way drama it caused between Caroline/Matt/Tyler.

It would have gone much better IMO if Bonnie tried to get info about the Lockwood's and felt an obligation to Tyler for her part in the deaths in his family.
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2011-07-11 06:29 pm
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When we're the last two people on earth and there are not more batteries.
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2011-07-05 02:44 am

It's what I heard

"How was the water baby? Was it cold? When did it hurt? When you laughed."

The Twilight Zone - The Four of Us Are Dying.
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2009-08-26 12:15 am


Maya/Sylar, power, blood, punishment, need, cotton, salvation, deception, dust, innocence, hero, fog, blindness, scars, confession, sinners, spring, control, fairytale, you're a god,
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2009-08-25 11:29 pm

100 Dark

001.Ravished. 002.Dark Path. 003.Rule/Ruler. 004.Blood. 005.Lost Haven.
006.Claws. 007.Awakening. 008.Animal. 009.Branded. 010.Torture.
011.Weapon. 012.Bound. 013.Nails. 014.Coffin/ Buried. 015.Angry.
016.Evil. 017.Fear. 018.Conquer. 019.Slave. 020.Master.
021.Brutal. 022.Leash. 023.Unholy. 024.Power. 025.Destiny.
026.Ancient. 027.Narcissus. 028.Innocence. 029.Guilt. 030.Chains.
031.Flame. 032.Past. 033.Present. 034.Broken. 035.Oath.
036.Never. 037.Forever. 038.Outcast. 039.Eternal. 040.Dance.
041.Fixation. 042.Dirty. 043.Candle. 044.Hunger. 045.Lust.
046.Wicked. 047.Stake. 048.Leather. 049.Razor. 050.Eruption .
051.Yes. 052.Forced. 053.Light. 054.Gleam. 055.No.
056.Madness. 057.Please. 058.Mask. 059.Destruction. 060.Poisonous.
061.Feral. 062.Shadow. 063.Masterpiece. 064.Ghost. 065.Match.
066.Midnight. 067.Mighty. 068.Coven. 069.Forsaken. 070.Unbound.
071.Pain. 072.Sorrow. 073.Cry/Tears. 074.Darkness. 075.Non-con.
076.Anonymous. 077.Unforgiving. 078.Different. 079.Rain. 080.Restraints.
081.Clamps. 082.Metal. 083.Love. 084.Hate. 085.Indifference.
086.Bite. 087.Phoenix. 088.Rope. 089.Ball. 090.Tight.
091.Hot. 092.Wax. 093.Voice. 094.Lick. 095.Need.
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.
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2009-05-19 10:45 pm


This place is just like the other. maybe minus the rusky spy bots ... those are annoying

Oh tags too?